Framing Asia 2: Disaster and the failing state


Fighting for nothing to happen (48min)
Nora Wildenauer

After the volcanic eruption of Mount Rokatenda, the people of the island Pulau Palue in east Indonesia shall be relocated. But is 'new' life at the neighboring Pulau Besar really promising? A worried host community and unclear land rights, a corrupt government and impatient refugees in temporary shelters are challenging Father Cyrillus and his companions in their attempts to make the best of the situation.

Waseb [Nation] (22 min)
Ali Nobil Ahmad

In 2010 catastrophic monsoon floods led to one of the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history. Waseb documents the response of one heavily affected community to these events. The film charts experiences of escape, survival and political mobilization through interviews with local people in the months following the disaster.


Nora Wildenauer studied social and cultural anthropology in Munich and Leiden. ‘Fighting for Nothing to Happen’ is part of her master's thesis and her frst feature documentary. Currently, she is an affliated fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in The Netherlands.

Ward Berenschot is a postdoc at KITLV researching local democracy, clientelism and identity politics in India and Indonesia. As a former lecturer in conflict studies, he has published broadly on the issues of ethnic violence, public service delivery and access to justice.

Kasia Mika is a postdoctoral researcher in Comparative Caribbean Studies at KITLV. She is currently working on postcolonial disaster studies and environmental humanities, offering an interdisciplinary and multilingual inquiry into notions of ‘disaster’, ‘reconstruction’ and ‘recovery’.

Time and Venue

Tuesday 14 March
7.30 pm
Lipsius 003
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